Sunday, 11 August 2013

Lambs in the woodbox

The first two Lambs

I said bring on the babies in my last post and the first 2 arrived today.  Unfortunately the ewe had problems and didn't make it so I am starting the season with 2 orphans.  It's not the ideal start but who can resist these little faces.

Luckily last week I had bought some dried colostrum and milk powder, just in case I needed it.  I have learnt from experience that if you are going to get an orphan it will be late in the day or on a Sunday when the rural supply stores are shut.  Now I am always prepared.

These 2 are twin boys, named Dougal and Harvey by my daughter before she headed back to school.  Dougal is in front, he is the biggest and first born. They are at present sleeping on a bed of straw in the wood bin in the garage, warm and dry and out of the cold wet rain which has arrived today.  They were helped into the world by my son - it was his first delivery, well done!

They look very healthy and have got the hang of their long legs and how to balance on them.  They have got big voices and I hope they won't be singing during the night.  I'm off to give them their last feed shortly.

No other lambs in the paddock yet but I won't be surprised to see some more each day from now on.  I hope the sun starts shining again soon. 


  1. Beautiful babies. So sorry to hear the mothers died.

    1. Mother is always best, sad when it doesn't work out.

  2. Great photos, always wanted to know what happened when the mothers died.


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