Friday, 9 August 2013

A check up with the sheep

Ducklings 6, lambs 0.

I went off to check the sheep to see if the lambs had started arriving but found ducklings in the pond in the paddock instead.  The first I have seen for this year. Spring must definitely be on the way.

No lambs have arrived yet but it should be soon, maybe the first ones next week.  The ewes are looking good and the weather is certainly warming up, although we can have the odd nasty spell in August so we won't call winter over yet.

Elena decided to come and check out the camera.  She shouldn't be having a lamb because she is not quite a year old yet, although she is looking rather round and teenage pregnancies have been known to happen.  Maybe she's just eating well.

This is my lovely fat Molly.  She was the last one to lamb last year but I don't think she will be this year.

Bring on the babies!!!

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