Saturday, 24 August 2013

A dogs life in the country

Being a dog...

A farm girls best friend.

Luke - ready for action
The dogs on the farm have a good dog life.  They get to run without leads, sniff and track all sorts of interesting things, chase rabbits and hares and each other.  Sometimes they even catch dinner.  It's so nice to see them being dogs.

Better than dog biscuits!
 I go for a walk some days and get so much enjoyment out of watching them.  I can only imagine what it is like to have a nose that is so sensitive and can distinguish so many different scents.  I have seen them track my path if I have been outside and they didn't know it.  They follow my path to the vege garden turn around and follow it back to the house, realize I am back inside and settle down for a doze - until the next exciting thing happens.

I have noticed that it doesn't take long for them to recognize the difference in car sounds.  After hearing a new car a couple of times, they know who it is and not to bother barking at it.  Although sometimes they bark just for fun.
Beau cooling off after a run around
Luke and Beau have started a little howl-a-thon when my husband leaves for work in the morning.  For a big dog Beau has the highest pitched voice when he is singing - I'm sure the neighbours love it at 6am in the morning!  On the bright side they don't bother with the morning chorus on cold wet mornings - they are not silly - there's another day tomorrow.

Off home - it's nearly dinner time.
What a great life...


  1. Hello Jocee,
    Many thanks for dropping a comment on my blog!
    So nice to discover yours and and your life in New Zealand! That is one country on list to visit one day since my son and his family live in Australia!
    I would love to see and photograph Keas!
    Kind regards!

  2. Hey, I don’t see an email address. I want to ask a question about your dogs, so can you email me back?


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