Tuesday, 6 August 2013

Chickens in the Orchard

Free Range Chickens

I have kept free range chickens for many years.  I enjoy their chatter and excitement over each new thing they discover and the very verbal acknowledgement as they congratulate themselves for laying an egg.  My chickens live in the orchard which works well for everyone.  I never have problems with Codlin Moth on the apples or other chewing nasties on the other trees.  The chooks eat all pests and fertilize as well.  In return they get anything that falls off the trees.  They love the first apples they get and plums and peaches too.  Not only do my little feathered gardeners keep the orchard running but they supply eggs as well. 

Black Langshan Chickens

I bought some new chickens recently after deciding to go back to the heritage breeds as I need replacements.  These three are Black Langshan chickens, an old Chinese breed with feathered feet.  They are very calm and lovely to have although they can be a bit slow to learn at times.  Langshans lay approx 150 brown eggs each per year and are a reasonably big bird. They stand very upright and look quite tall.  The Langshan was imported to the UK and USA in the 1870's from China and were very popular as a dual breed bird, however today they are a bit rare and can be hard to find.  I am glad people are working to ensure this beautiful breed carries on.

This was when they first arrived and were shut in for a few days.  They were the easiest chickens to introduce to the rest - no fighting just calm and dignified. 

Venturing out under the watchful eye of Luke, who ran into the picture at the very last second.

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