Wednesday, 14 August 2013

The Lambs are outdoors and doing well

The lambs at 3 days old.

The 2 orphan lambs, now pets called Dougal and Harvey, have moved into a little shelter in the paddock. They instinctively know to curl up inside on the straw at night and when the weather is bad even though they are only 3 days old.  They are both doing well and love to run up and down the hill when they get the chance.

The dogs have been introduced.  Both are great with all the animals on the farm including the cats, chickens and pet lambs when we have them.  Luke is my dog and he is sharing his home for a while with Beau who is my son's dog.

Luke - I have a lamb touching me ... if I ignore it, it might go away.
Beau - Just checking them out.


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