Thursday, 29 August 2013

Delightful Daffodills

No matter the weather - daffodils make us think of sunny days ahead. 

For us on this side of the world spring is starting - although today is a slip back into winter temperatures.

Bring on the sun!

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  1. Daffodils are my favorite flower - they always look bright & "sunny" even when the weather's still cool and damp!

    Thanks for visiting! Have a lovely weekend too!

  2. No way! Let's stay with winter, when the ubiquitous deadly snakes are snoozing in the ground, lol. I seem to recall that NZ has no snakes (on land) !! You lucky, lucky people.

    BTW, I don't mind snakes per se, and respect their right to share the environment, but I do love not having to worry about my dog sniffing one out.

    1. No snakes over here, which makes gardening and walking in the bush good for woman and 4 legged friends :)

  3. Thank you for sharing your wonderful daffodil pics! Being in the Northern Hemisphere (USA), I'm starving for bulbs right now! I especially love your last photo of the single yellow and orange daff. Not only are the colors fantastic, but its shape and form are especially wonderful, too! Do you know then name of the cultivar?

    I'm starting my preparatory work prior to placing my bulb orders for this year and would love to add that one to my list. I especially love the Yellow-Orange, Yellow-Red daffodils... The time for ordering bulbs and planting them can be almost as exciting as bloom-time...almost.... I envy you that you have them blooming right now. ;) Still, it's nice to think that when the spring bulbs are half a year away from blooming where I am, on the other side of the world, they are in full, glorious bloom!

    Keep the pics coming, please!


    1. Hi Stephanie, Thanks for your comment. Unfortunately I don't know the name of that particular daffodil as I bought a bag of mixed ones to plant in the paddocks and on the drive. They are starting to spread into bigger groups so should look great in a few years. That one is a favorite one of mine too, a very 'sunny' wee fellow. :)


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