Wednesday, 30 October 2013

ABC Wednesday - P is for....

Pincushion Protea

A profusion of blooms that are great for picking.


A pair of Pukekeo's patrolling the perimeter. 

Cape Palliser Lighthouse

A climb up 250 perilously steep steps gives you a picture perfect view.

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Wednesday, 23 October 2013

ABC Wednesday - O is for....


It's obvious to the observer that this Oak is doing well by the opulent display of new foliage.  It also occurs to me that Oak trees may be a wee obsession of mine as I have an over abundance of them.


These 2 'Morepork' Owls were photographed earlier this year at Wingspan National Bird of Prey Centre which is a wonderful organisation whose objective is to rehabilitate, breed and release our endangered birds of prey.  If you have the opportunity they are well worth a visit.

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Thursday, 17 October 2013

Spring Update

Spring is well underway in my neck of the woods.  

 The grass is growing faster than the animals can eat it and everything is green, green, green.

The lambing is finished and they are all busy growing.  This is the pets Harvey and Kelly.

Calving is well underway and the mothers are busy.

Some still have time for a mud face mask before their calf arrives.

This one has to be a bull in the making with a face like that!

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Tuesday, 15 October 2013

The birds of the estuary

The rest of the residents at the estuary last week.

The Seagulls were all heading West, totally ignoring us and waiting for ...... something!?!

We checked out the famous Shag tree.  This is an old pine that has been half killed off by the birds that make their very haphazard nests in there.  They are breeding very well, and most of the nests had young ones in them.  

An adult Shag taking time out away from the breeding area.

A Canadian goose keeping an eye on me.

Where are these two off to?  I think someone is leading someone astray.

ABC Wednesday - N is for...


No architectural knowledge needed here.  These Shag nests look very 'thrown together' but seem to do the job.


Natural New Zealand Natives growing in an area on the farm protected from the stock.


A Nice Nearly Nightime view from the hills on the farm.

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ABC Wednesday


Wednesday, 9 October 2013

Black Swans

We went for a stroll around the local estuary and spotted these black swans and youngsters sorting out their swimming styles.

Sometimes it's a team effort to keep them under control.

Final instructions and head count.

As good as its going to get.

ABC Wednesday - M is for...


The Melodious Morning Maestro's on the farm.


The Master Mouse eliminator - feared by all small furry rodents.


In all its Magnificent springtime glory.

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Wednesday, 2 October 2013

Shelduck - The final chapter

I was doubting the mating skills of the Paradise Shelducks that I had seen on the farm.  The bachelorette females and the lonesome male were living in separate paddocks, but obviously 2 of them got together because yesterday my daughter spotted a duckling.

The parents flew off and performed loudly to draw her away but she crept up and got some photos of 5 ducklings.

The were moving fast through the water and not stopping to pose for photos.

Then the decision was made to go over land......  Last seen heading north. 

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ABC Wednesday - L is for...


This is a new variety called 'The Princess Lavender'.  The description says neon pink flowers and they certainly stand out in the garden.


Sparrow chaser, walking companion, running companion for my daughter, early morning singer, and all round happy guy.


Between a mama and her new baby calf.

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