Thursday, 15 August 2013

Chicken Introductions

The Chicken Team

This is Lacey.  she is the boss and is the most verbal chicken in the orchard.  She is a mixture of all sorts but I am guessing she has leghorn with that floppy comb and also maybe Wynadotte which has given her the lacey bib.  What else is in there is anyone's guess.  Lacey lays pinky/brown coloured eggs - I'm not sure if this is from a certain breed or not.

Next up is Beauty.  She is another mixture of all sorts.  She is the oldest chicken I have now and I don't expect many eggs from her.  She still looks good and has earned her retirement, so her job is to help keep the orchard healthy.

I have four Hylines which are a commercially bred small sized chicken which lay lots of eggs.  They have leghorn in them and are crossed with other commercial breeds, different mixtures depending on who you ask.  Not my favourites I must say. Yes they lay eggs but I don't think they have the equivalent of one brain between all four of them.  Quite scatty.  When they need replacing I will be heading to the more old fashioned original breeds, who still have their natural characteristics and personalities.

Two of my new Langshans.  These are lovely and are laying large brown eggs most days.  They have a lovely quiet nature, great personality and are perfect backyard chickens.

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  1. My neighbor had chickens, a goat, geese and ducks and I loved visiting. She passed away 2 years ago and now the barn is gone and just the house remains...Michelle


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