Wednesday, 5 March 2014

ABC Wednesday - H

The dogs and I headed for the hills for some 'H' inspiration.

The hills have had a hard hot few weeks and are browning off as we head into autumn.

The dogs love to check out the gullies for hidden rabbits or hares.

Lizzie caught breakfast - a rabbit, even though I wanted a hare for 'H' week.

Lastly a shot of some of my happy, hard-working hens, who are quite at home living in the orchard.

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  1. Not sure I know the difference between a hare and a rabbit. But the hills are a great choice for H week. - Margy

  2. The hills are alive with the sight of HUNTING hares, er rabbits...
    ROG, ABC Wednesday

  3. The hills are beautiful, gorgeous landscapes. I love your cute puppydogs and the hens. Great shots, have a happy day!

  4. Love all the shots, you have gorgeous scenery.

  5. All of us here north of you are happily anticipating spring - we've had a rough winter.

    abcw team

  6. Jocee,
    Looks like you and the dogs had a good walk in the hills. Your hens are pretty and the same colors as mine.

    Enjoy your beautiful weather.


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