Saturday, 13 July 2013

Nature laid bare

I love the shapes and backbone of the deciduous trees in winter.  They are beautiful without the adornment of leaves and flowers.  These poplars loose their leaves early in the season but don't fade into the background.

The Silver Birches have very graceful dainty branches and leaves and look different with every season.  Gold in autumn, bright green in spring and more olive green in summer.

The wood pigeons have moved in for the winter and spring months.  They are fabulous looking birds but I wonder sometimes how they lift off with that jumbo sized body.

They come for the blossoms and young leaves as they emerge on the trees.  They breed around here but I have never seen a nest and imagine it must be up high in a very sturdy tree.  I see the young ones once they are flying but they hide what I imagine is a pretty substantial nest very well.  I would love to hear from anyone who has seen a wood pigeon nest so I know what to look for...and where.

The garden is never totally bare.  The Camelia's are favourites for their lush leaves and pure flowers through winter and spring.  One of my favourites is 'Donation'.  It looks great through all sorts of weather and in my garden its usually the first one in flower.

A nice surprise today was finding 'Winter Sweet' in flower.  I have had this bush for years but have never seen it flower.  When I bought it the guy at the garden centre said its not very attractive for most of the year so hide it in amongst other shrubs.  The scent of the flowers makes up for any lack in beauty - although I think calling it unattractive was a bit harsh.

I picked some to bring inside - 2 branches and I am an instant success at flower arranging.  Just as well I like things simple and understated.
This little arrangement is perfuming half of the house - I am definitely a fan and would recommend it.  There's not much else around to beat it at the moment.

Always ready for a photo opportunity our two cats.  Not sure what they think they will catch up there although I have seen them eyeing up the wood pigeons - very optimistic like a lot of felines.  If a wood pigeon pooped on them they would fall out of the tree.  Never mind - dreams are free!!!

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