Wednesday, 25 September 2013

ABC Wednesday K is for...

The Kapiti Coast in New Zealand which is where I live.  It takes its name from Kapiti Island which sits about 5km (3 miles) off shore.

The Kowhai one of our beautiful native trees which is flowering now as we head toward mid spring.

Kereru is the Maori name for our native wood pigeon.  They love all the blossoms around at this time of year.

Mt Kapakapanui is the mountain that sits behind us which rises up 1100m (3,600ft) above sea level.  It quite often has snow on it during the winter but it's all gone now.

Last but not least our youngest pet lamb Kelly.  Too cute to leave out.

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  1. Very beautiful scenery and animals. The photography is excellent. Carver, ABC Wed. Team

  2. What lovely photos, - would love to visit New Zealand.

  3. Beautiful shots and what a lovely place to live. I yearn to visit NZ and enjoy its nature, but not sure when it will happen. I think I love NZ because of its nature -- whatever I have seen so far. While growing up, I used to love NZ for all the cute cricket players it had ;-).

  4. Gorgeous shots! I'd love to visit New Zealand some day as I hear it's a beautiful country.

    abcw team

  5. So lovely (and so far away)
    ROG, ABC Wednesday team

  6. Lovely captures. I liked the subjects in each of them.

  7. I love that first photo! New Zealand has so much natural beauty, I've been to the South Island once, and definitely would love to go back there again some day.

  8. What a contrast to our coast - which I have featured in my contribution for ABC Wednesday. I have a friend who has recently moved to New Zealand and is loving every minute of it all.

  9. What beautiful collection for K! lovely pictures.You live in a wonderful place.

    K is for ...

  10. Beautiful pictures! What a lovely place to live.


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