Thursday, 11 July 2013

A Winters Day

Moving the Sheep

As an "every other day" part time farmer I don't get to choose the weather on the days I am at home.  Today is a bitterly cold southerly and you need to be well covered up to be comfortable.  The dogs seem to love the cold and have more energy than they know what to do with.  

Today's job is to move the sheep off one of the hill paddocks.  In my opinion sheep are not 'thick' as some people think.  They have learnt that after a few days in a paddock if I approach they will probably be moving to fresh grass.  They start filing down off the hill when they hear me.

And are waiting at the gate when I get there.

The pets are usually first and it is good to have a couple to lead the others, although all my sheep are pretty quiet and used to a stress free life.  We have 4 pets - Chloe and Molly are the oldest at 11 & 8 years old.  They are both pregnant again even though I advised them to stay away from those rams!  They are both great Mum's and have lambed every year.

Chloe & Molly
The two youngest pets were born last year - Elena and Jemma.

Jemma & Elena

By now they are all sick of having their photo taken and just want through the gate.  So I let them through.  
Job done - home for hot soup and toast.

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