Saturday, 6 February 2016

Sleeping Cat

From my cat Toby:

Sleeping Cat @ Jocees Farm

"It's mid summer here and it's hot, hot, hot.
So i must sleep, sleep, sleep."

In this heat he is an expert sleeper, he doesn't wake up until the end of the day, and then he's off for the night.


  1. Cute picture of your cat. If it's hot I'm sure the poor cat is roasting.

  2. Hello, Jocee! He enjoys the night life. What a cute kitty, very relaxed. I would enjoy some hot weather here, it is cold. Thank you for linking up and sharing your post. Have a happy weekend!

  3. We really do love our furry friends! That could be my cat, Big Jay.
    If you visit my blog, look on my side bar for labels, and click on cats to see both my cats.
    Have a great week-end!

  4. How PURRecious!!! I adore cats.

  5. As they say here on Maui...hang loose.

  6. Wonderful shot of your dear kitty ~ amazing the positions they get into ~ ^_^

    Happy Weekend to you, ^_^

  7. Clever cat to go out in the coolness of the night and sleep on the heat of the day with his belly up.

  8. Oh yes, it has been hot, hot, hot. My friends cat is a Persian and he goes in and has a good haircut from the vet near the end of October. That way he enjoys the summer much more. Your Toby looks quite laid back.


  9. He's so cute! Cats know how to enjoy life.

  10. Yep, ours do the same! What a cute cat.


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