Wednesday, 23 October 2013

ABC Wednesday - O is for....


It's obvious to the observer that this Oak is doing well by the opulent display of new foliage.  It also occurs to me that Oak trees may be a wee obsession of mine as I have an over abundance of them.


These 2 'Morepork' Owls were photographed earlier this year at Wingspan National Bird of Prey Centre which is a wonderful organisation whose objective is to rehabilitate, breed and release our endangered birds of prey.  If you have the opportunity they are well worth a visit.

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  1. What a magnificent oak that is. As for the owls looks like they posed specially for you .

  2. The owls are so beautiful, what an awesome creature.

  3. Sweet owls that are watching you and a gorgeous oak tree. Lovely shots.

  4. What a beautiful picture of those owls!!
    great choice for O.

    O is for...

  5. Outstanding oak, such magnificent trees. Unique owls,

  6. The mighty Oak. I have a friend who has a tree larger than the one in your picture, and she planted 3 acorns 25 years go...I couldn't believe it came from 3 acorns.

  7. I love oak trees too, so much. :-) The owls are adorable! We usually have a family of owls living here on the farm, but they didn't come back this Spring. I'm actually glad because they eat our goslings! But I do like their faces. :-)


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